News Story

A hundred years ago
Most people had no idea about what was going on
On the other side of the globe,
No Google to get instant facts, no easy travel and serious barriers of war and natural hazards.
And we imagine that people back then knew so little about their world.
All they had were the fables and legends told to them by others who had ventured to the outside world;
Stories created images of some places being utopian fantasy lands and others being barbaric, remote and unlivable.
They only had what they were told.
Fast track to today,
Faster access to information than ever before
And we seem to have constant distortions of our actual realities.
Many of us hold opinions about things and people we have never personally encountered
Based on the stories we are not just told, but sold.
Story telling is big business and the stories that sell and get the most attention
Are the ones that get told. And are told repeatedly.
Often different circumstances but the same narrative.
It is unclear if we really are any wiser than the our forefathers from the pre-internet age;
‘Facts’are never really discussed in a vacuum but always in a context
And one that tends to favor the storyteller.
It seems, that the best way to really learn about the world we inhabit
Is still to go and find out for yourself.

All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.”
― Will Rogers


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