Needing work

In an age when we have shone an inceasingly bright spotlight on leadership,

We have gained a bias towards holding our leaders to higher and higher standards,

Easily pointing out their flaws and comparing them to the lofty ideals sold to us in popular media.

The unfortunate thing about this is  that we gain a sort of self righteousness

That allows us to lay the blame for so much of what is wrong with the world at the feet of our leaders,

as though their leadership style is the only thing needing work.

Sure, let’s hold our leaders accountable but how about your commitment to the organization you are a part of?

How about the effect that your attitude has on the culture of the place you work and live?

Are you a good member of your team? Can we count on you? Do your promises mean anything?

If we are going to call out our leadership for their shortcomings,

it helps to not be hypocritical by ignoring or downplaying on our own.


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