Human Paradox

The line of good and evil

Runs not so superficially that it divides the world

Into good men and evil men,

But it runs far, far deeper,

Right into the hearts of every man, woman and child

Creating potential within us all for great darkness and glorious light.

We can go about all day creating beauty in the earth

And yet come home at night and wreak havoc at home;

And on our journeys to creating world peace

We often find our own hands tinged crimson with the blood of innocents.

We have discovered new frontiers, pushed the limits of technology

Breaking barriers and pushing the human race forward

While simultaneously perpetuating old patterns of prejudice

And re-enacting the sins of our fathers.

It is the great paradox of human nature

To find both good and evil existing in the hearts of men.

There are two important implications of this;

First, it means that no one, regardless of how noble or seemingly ‘well-put-together’ is above accountability. Especially our leaders.

And second, we must come to terms with how poorly we deal with evil in our world. We aim our guns at the symptoms of behavior and rarely speak to address the roots in our hearts.


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