Fragile Systems

Part of the beauty of the human body and any intelligent system

Is its ability to adapt.

To be able to have certain essential functions still running

In non-ideal situations

Your heart should still beat, even when you haven’t eaten for hours,

Your lungs still take in air even when you are tired,

And considering how many of our bodies can survive decades of abuse

Its a miracle that many of us are still alive.

These systems were built to not fall apart if inevitable non-ideal events take place.

Its therefore quite disappointing to see humans create systems

That fall apart so easily.

Entire processes cease when the person responsible is in a bad mood,

held up on the whims of a single person in power.

Why make such fragile systems?

Why hold the lives of so many people ransom on the basis of inconsequential things?

Why hold on to bureaucracy at the expense of progress?

Do we not realize that we are holding ourselves hostage by our inflexibility?

That our rigidity is contraindicated to human flourishing?

Many systems here in Southern Africa are fragile.

Conditions have to be perfect in order to get certain things done;

You have to be from a certain place,

Have a certain demeanor,

Have simple problems that need solving,

That problem should best be brought up before lunch,

And the person helping you must be kept happy at all costs;

Otherwise the system will not work.

Thank goodness the balance of nature is not in our hands,

Lest the sun not rise tomorrow on account of one man’s ego.




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