Second opinion

Getting another perspective

Is not an indication that you don’t trust your own

But that you appreciate the benefit of another set of eyes and ears

Looking at something that’s not so obvious to see

And listening in on a conversation that we could have misunderstood.

It becomes tricky when we believe that we that we have seen all there is to see

Or when the loudest voice is our own

Surrounding ourselves with voices and ideas that confirm what we already know.

The greatest potential for new insights into complex situations

Come from people who are familiar enough for us to trust

But different enough to have an opinion that might not be the same as our own.

So when it comes to getting a second opinion,

The worst thing we could do is to get one from someone just like us

Because then our ideas are rarely ever challenged,

Our blind spots never really accounted for.

It could just be that the people with whom we disagree with most

Provide the checks and balances to our own biases and hidden attitudes

Without whom we are locked in to our own train of thought.

Diversity of thought must be insisted upon

And not paid lip service to.

Who’s your second opinion?


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