Strange hand holding

Sometimes the problem is not so much that you are surrounded by incompetent people,

Its that you are failing to lead them.

Or maybe the reason why you are met with blank stares is because

You have stopped listening to those that you lead

And you trust no one’s opinion but your own.

Maybe the reason why people aren’t giving more of themselves

Is because they have figured out that you don’t trust them.

The end result is a weird kind of hand holding,

Where you delegate tasks

And then try to do those tasks on behalf of those you have just delegated to

By micromanaging their work.

Regardless of who you work with or where you work

Your attitudes and actions contribute to the level of trust in

Your work culture.

Your low expectations of people may be keeping you from being disappointed

But it also keeps you from bringing the best out of your team.

So that leaves you in the middle,

Where you want to be able to give people more responsibility

But at the same time you are not sure if you can trust them with it.

It’s understandable to grapple with this in practice,

But if the end goal of your endless “trainings” and “workshops”

Is not to be able to trust people more

Then I’m afraid you are wasting everyone’s time.

It’s either you trust the people you work with

Or you don’t.

You can’t have it both ways.


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