Slow internet

Half-loaded images.

Non-responsive links.

The eternal loading sign

That never seems to end.

Videos that buffer for longer than the actual viewing time

An altogether slothful experience that makes you feel like your life is slowing ebbing away as you stare at a screen.

For all the hype we make about technology making life easier, it can also be an enormous waste of our time.

Kind of reminds me of so many public services;

Long queues and only a few few tellers or doctors,

Simple processes made complicated because no one seems to be able to help,

Multiple services unavailable;

Down to the bare minimum

Unsmiling faces of the overworked and underpaid

Culminating in processes we are forced to plan extra time to receive

Because our expectations of service delivery are really low.

And of course the feeling that there is nothing you can do about it.

For all the hype that goes on around government providing jobs it’s crazy how badly a lot of the systems run.

Sometimes half the frustration of a bad experience with the internet or at a place of public service comes from knowing that these things are supposed to be making life a bit easier.

It kind of defeats the purpose of them being there in the first place.


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