There is a certain pressure that comes
Within the Christian community;
To be gracious, full of integrity
Always caring, seeking justice for others
And of course, never sinful.
These are all good fruits of being a Christian but one should never confuse them as things one needs to do in order to maintain their status as one.
The qualifying work of our faith has been done already.
So while it is important for us to encourage one another to do good
It’s more important for each of us to actually become good.
And unlike Aristotle’s proposition of us becoming by what we repeatedly do
We become, as Christians, what we receive.
We receive a whole new identity.
Sinners no longer.
But sons and daughters of God.
From that vantage point
There no longer exist any pressure to perform
Because there is no need to prove a point.
It is important that we engage with one another in ways that don’t push people to try and perform for us
Lest we have them work for what has already been given to them freely.
God is way more generous than we will ever be
And if He chooses to be freely generous to sinners
Who are we to make each other pay?
The story of being a Christian is not one of becoming a bigger goody goody
With a better rule book to follow,
But that of realizing how desperate the human state really is and humbly accepting a solution that doesn’t depend on your credentials – past, present or future.
We have been made good by God’s own sacrifice
And because of who we become as a result of that,
We do good.
With no pressure.


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