Bullying your customers

Just because your customer expressed an interest

In what you have to offer

Doesn’t mean the customer is bound to actually using that service.

It simply means they want to know that they must give up in exchange

To receive what you have to offer.

If you must resort to emotional blackmail

To seal the deal with that customer

You should know that you have not won that customer over

But rather you’ve hustled them into doing business with you.

Best believe that they will not give you great referrals.

And unless your product is really far ahead of your competitors’

You will have to hustle them into doing business with you again.

Its one thing to make a compelling pitch about

All the great things you have to offer,

And quite another to tell  your customer that you have made a lot of sacrifices

In order to accommodate them

As if sharing this information now that means they ‘owe’ you their business.

That’s not a strategy. That’s bullying.

Asking for the price

Is not the same as making an order.




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