On asking for help

When asking for help,

It is useful to remember that

It really isn’t about you.

Well, of course  in the larger sense it is about you because you are the one doing the asking.

But it is also not about you in the sense that it does not make you subservient.

It does not make you less of a person.

Rather it is more about the pressing need that needs to be addressed

And less about the awkwardness of asking,

Nor the potential embarrassment of being rejected.

But we are human

And we are social beings,

And being in a position where you ask for help

Is an acknowledgment of the fact that you are not self-sufficient

And that sometimes your best efforts just won’t cut it.

Asking for help is humbling

Especially when you have become accustomed to being the helper,

Because its not just that  you have a need to be met,

But in a way its as if your hands have transformed from being ones that stretch out to give

To being hands that are extended to receive.

And that’s not an image of ourselves that many of us can live with

It can be a frightening thing.

Plus, its super awkward.

But go ahead and ask anyway,

Because you are asking for a reason.



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