She did not rob us

She did not rob us (of herself)

Of her love, her gifts, her greeting and her contribution.


Whenever we  live and work with other people

There is always the risk of being offended, or misunderstood

And being taken advantage of.

So, many of us take our time before we allow ourselves to open up,

Before we raise our hands to be counted.

But it is such a beautiful thing when we get past this

And find our space in community;

When we willingly participate in what God is doing in our midst

And realize that we are a part of something greater than ourselves.


And that is where Ayanda was when she left us.

She had grown from the time we first met her,

She joined our community

And found a home amongst us.


We will never know

What more she could have become if she was still with us

But that is not the point.

The point is that she had started to give more.

More than she had before.

She had a willingness to serve, to participate,

To be a part of the things that God was doing in her midst.
We may never reach our full potential while here on earth,
But we can at least begin the process of realizing it.
I did not know her well
But I could see that she had begun to bloom
To unravel before God
To be a bit more vulnerable with who she really was.
She was not zoned out
Not just marking the register,doing what needs to be done.
No. She was  present.

We felt her presence.

And now, her absence.

For the short time we had her
She did not rob us of herself.





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