I am no patriot

I am no patriot.

I stand far off and make suggestions

As my nation crumbles in the distance.

It makes for great intellectual conversation

And stimulating meetings discussing the state of affairs,

But to be honest those words and arguments will count for nothing

Because tomorrow where my voice is needed most

I will hold my tongue. Again.

I am no patriot.

I would rather die slowly on the inside,

On foreign soil surrounded by the pleasantries of another nation

Than to die violently in my motherland

At least i will have a decent burial.

And so like a battered wife who cannot find the strength to leave

But always having a rational argument as to why she should stay,

I live in a sort of paralysis, hoping for better days.

Somehow i have convinced myself that this is better

To just ‘make a plan’ despite the hardship

That speaking up is not worth the trouble,

That I should at least do something for myself,

And not bother with things that may never change,

That its not my battle to fight.

Someone else. Not me.

I am no patriot.


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