The cover up

There are those of us who have done our best

To keep it all together.

We wash our faces regularly

Scrubbing hard and rinsing off

Bad habits and wrong attitudes

Bigotry and laziness have no bearing on our image.

And when disappointments come we have learned to disentangle

Ourselves from the mess

And come out stronger. Better.

Or so we say.

We have also learned how to apply make-up

The cosmetics that hide our demons

The powder that covers those persistent wrinkles

Those shameful tendencies,

The imperfections about ourselves that aren’t disappearing in a hurry

We hope a little bit of mascara will embolden the timidity of our perspecive

A dash  of powder will brighten the face of our pessimism

And a splash of lipstick  will sweeten the sour taste in our mouths.

But there are things that cannot be washed out by our best intentions

And so we resign to just cover them up

Attempting to beautify our flaws,

Decorating a wound

In a twisted sense of self-love.

Only to go home and wash it all off and face ourselves




The heart is deceitful above all things
    and beyond cure.
    Who can understand it?

-Jeremiah 17:9





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