Ahh lemons

I have always had a bit of trouble
With making lemonade out of lemons

Because it suggests that the lemonade will be sweet

And there will be a favorable ending,

But what if there isn’t?

What if despite all the sugar you put in, 

The freakin’ lemonade is still very bitter?!

What then?

The so-called moral of the story is that it’s the fact that you made something that counts 

The fact that you made it your own that matters

That even if all you have is bitter lemon juice you’ve at least removed the rind 

And drawn out the juice.

And now you are forced to find a use for a sour, unwelcome raw material. 

That sucks.

It seems that life likes to remind some of us

That we have limited control over the final results of our efforts,

That We are not the ones to determine the outcome

Despite our careful planning life will not always go as we have planned

And just because we tried to make lemonade out of lemons

Does not mean that life will then be sweet;

That we would somehow regain the control we really want.

No we will not. 

Because we do not just want control of our actions

We want control of the results too. 

And we want to be in charge of the hand life deals us

 However life may continue to throw us lemons

And we may just run out of sugar

And run out the will to even try

And all that’s left are these damn lemons staring right back at us

In a silent challenge to us to do something about it 


Waiting for us to try our luck. Again. 

Even if we fail to make lemonade.


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