School of fools

The school of fools

A class of men dominated by their fears,

So adamant in their arrogance

That it  leads to their ultimate ignorance;

Ignorance of heart more than of mind

Knowing so much about so little

That they have convinced themselves that nothing else exists.

A room full of blind men

Boasting of their great vision

Yet never even knowing each other’s faces.

An army of deaf soldiers

Unable to hear the cries of those they claim to serve

Yet trampling them under foot.

Fighting no longer for the truth, lest they be wrong

But rather fighting to defend their own version of truth, vilifying all others.

O this school of fools

Why did we ever enroll?

Did we not see the structures that became shackles

The rules that became bureaucracy

The spilling of the blood of many

For the pride of a few?

We saw, but we shrugged our shoulders

And signed up anyway

Giving ourselves up to the mercy of idiots.






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