Waiting for permission to move forward
can be a tempting reaction after you’ve made some mistakes,
Because it implies that you didn’t know where you were going in the first place
And maybe you didn’t.
But passivity never got anyone anywhere they wanted to go.
Stuff happens,
Egos get bruised
Time gets wasted
Tests are failed. These are outside of our will.
But the decision to absolve responsibility to someone else to move for you-
That part is voluntary
The decision to believe the voice inside of your head insisting that this mistake
Has become your defining moment
And that from this moment on, someone else must tell you what to do-
That part doesn’t have to happen.
Circumstances may apply brakes to the vehicle of your life
But that doesn’t mean you gotta turn the car off,
Nor wait for permission to get into gear.

Nothing’s permanent, get ready to go.


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