Easy answers and simple solutions

Should make us suspicious

Life is complex.
It always has been and it always will be
And those who claim to have it figured out, who give glib answers to
hard questions as though they were an infallible authority should be
told to shut up and sit down.
The reason why you weren’t promoted
Why nations fail and tyrants rule
Why some kids never seem to make it no matter how hard they work
Why some people seem to defy the odds,
And why others do not,
Why she isn’t answering your calls or replying your messages
Is complicated.
Don’t believe the tabloids.

There are no blanket answers

In a globalizing world there are no blankets left for such.
If you want to make a comment about a complex problem,
Please don’t show us all how little you have actually thought about it,
How proudly you have come to a conclusion and refused to budge.

What if,  what if you really don’t have it all figured out?


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