What do you do when you have made a commitment that you were not sure you could keep?

And I’m not talking about being deceptive or blindly signing up for activities without truly counting the cost

But I am talking about moments when you raise your hand to be a part of the A team or make a promise to contribute  in a way that is beyond anything you have done before;

It’s running a full marathon and not just half

Signing up to lead the new project at work,

Taking on a client much larger than you have ever taken on before,

Going in for that interview that you barely qualify for.

It’s telling your crush that you like them,

It was David lining up his sights before Goliath.

There comes a moment when you are not sure whether you are going to make it

And there’s that sinking feeling in your stomach that this might not work out

But you’ve already made the commitment. You’re in limbo.


So you get creative.

Either you make this thing happen,

Or die trying.

Commitments we make towards our dreams keep us from bailing on ourselves when the pressure is on. In these moments there is literally nowhere to hide and no middle ground, You’re either moving one step closer or one step further from what you’re really after.  You  decide.

So when it comes to your dreams and aspirations, what have you committed to do?


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