Miss it

You are more likely to miss opportunities to be thankful if you are often complaining and choosing to see (disproportionately) what’s wrong and what’s missing.

And you are more likely to lose out on chances to  voice valid complaints if you are intentionally (and sometimes blindly) finding the good in everything.

Achieving balance is not easy, and it is human nature to pendulum swing to one paradigm or the other when under pressure.

There is a time and a place for both complaints and thankfulness, but we have a choice on how we let these define our moment by moment living and thinking. Which one are you more inclined to lean towards?

And if you had a choice on which way your pendulum would rather swing, which way would you rather go?

Perhaps a useful question is, what would you rather miss:  a chance to voice your  (valid) complaint, or an opportunity to be thankful?


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