On the floor.

It happened. Once broken, some things will remain that way.


Some defeats have no comebacks

Some sequels are just never going to happen.

Stop trying to resurrect them.

Case closed. End of story.

Knocked out.


If there is  some sort of return

Some sort of resurgence

Its form will be of a different glory

Its color of a novel hue.

Some things are just destined to change

And once they do there is no going back.


Perhaps the breaking is rather an unveiling

An unearthing.


Maybe the deep contents of this heart could not have been


Any other way.


Could it be, that this breaking is in fact

The making of something more significant.

That the jagged edges of this broken pottery

Are a design of their own?

Let nothing be wasted

Every fragment has its place.

The greater the breaking

The greater the mend..

Leave each piece exactly where it is

For the Potter to find

And begin again.


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