How do you respond when you encounter difficulty?

What is your threshold for ‘sucking it up’?

How many falls til you refuse to get up again?

How many setbacks til you refuse to continue?

How many opponents is too many?

How many failed attempts til you quit?

When do you choose to persevere, and when do you choose to give up?

How heavy must the load be to break your back?

How many beatings can you take?

How bad must the pain be before you ask for help?

How much wounding can your pride endure?

How much bad news can you handle?

How much disappointment can you stomach?

How many broken promises til you reach disillusionment?

How much agony til your heart breaks?

When does your spirit to refuse to be oppressed?

Your mind to be undermined and overlooked?

How depraved will you allow your soul to become?

What is your threshold?


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