Could there be more to see than our eyes have perceived? The people we think we know, the friends we claim we have, and yes even the people we have sworn we will never understand..could there be more to these things that we feel so sure about? There is more to a person than our bias, our prejudice or our first impressions. As people, we know that we are complex beings and not easily defined as just one thing; we are more than the labels attached to us- member of the workforce, female, middle-aged, homo sapien. The same goes for places in the world- there is more to a country than the headlines pinned to it, more to a continent than the collective GDP of its constituent nations, there is more to government than just dirty politics. It is far too easy to assume we know what is going on in another part of the world because we think ‘we know the facts’. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has exposed just how little we seek to understand obscure places, and how foolish superficial information and downright misinformation can make us. If you intend on making a call or a comment on the things like the Ebola outbreak, don’t be satisfied with the popular stories and ‘breaking news’-dig a little deeper; there is more to understand. If not, then rather refrain from exposing just how little you actually know, or care for that matter.


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