How much information does it take to change you? To make you act or change your mind. Newton described inertia as the reluctance of a body to change its state of motion- the stationary object will not readily start moving, and the moving object will not be inclined to come to rest, given no external stimuli. But we are in a world of constant external stimuli, we live in a world of many prompts and suggestions. Cues are subtly or blatantly given to do certain things, to live a certain way. However there are so many stimuli that it is all to easy to ignore a lot of it, because lets face it, we have heard it all before; the world has a problem, we have lost something essential, and the only way to overcome is for us to take responsibility and do the one thing that is spoken of too much and done too rarely in this information age-  to act. Like I said, there are mainly calls to action many noble causes to be a part of calling us to act, calling us to contribute, to change, to tweet, to like, to join, to change, to create, to be. This is the information age, how much information will it take to make you change?


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