Fear Less, Hope More

The things we choose to focus on, are amplified in our lives. Claustrophobia is based on becoming acutely aware of the confines of your physical environment. All of a sudden the space in an elevator or a room, which were designed for humans to use with ease, become inadequate and restricting; yet the dimensions of that space did not decrease by a centimeter. Our worlds are defined not so much by brick and mortar as they are by hopes and fears. Choosing to focus on our fears, makes the limitations of our lives that much more indomitable, that much much intimidating-they can stop us cold in our tracks. But what happens when hope is amplified? What happens when we see open spaces and chooses to live in them? Suddenly the room is just right for us to live and breathe in, all at once we become aware again of the real reasons why we are here, and though our fears still exist, they do not dominate us as they did before. So why not do it?. Why not fear less and hope more?


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