Having Weighed the Odds, Would you still do it?


Having weighed the odds, and found them not in your favor, would you still do it?

I recently spent 4 days on a bike, riding close to 400km across Kwazulu-Natal with the odds of not even owning my own bike, little experience with biking of any kind and a predisposition to exercise-induced asthma, all weighing against me. Having weighed the odds, I probably shouldn’t have done it. Yet what i did is not so unique, it is the story of mankind; few men can say that they cannot recall a time they weighed the odds, found themselves wanting- yet did it anyway. Perhaps doing something despite the odds being against us is what allows us to define what is most precious to us; our ideals do not come by default, but must be fought for… against all odds.

So the question still stands: having weighed the odds, would you still do it?



One thought on “Having Weighed the Odds, Would you still do it?

  1. for as far as i can recall by just looking back from my childhood i would most definitely do it as i have lived my life against the odds of even making it this far and writing this, im still going strong against all odds bestowened unto me by nature!

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