What is your formula? What world view do you apply to virtually every experience you come across? Its been said that the world we live in is not the world as it really is but as we perceive it to be: our formula for every occurrence in life. Yet even in the world of physics, no law is irrefutable- there are always fact given enough time, any given formula can become obsolete, irrelevant and non-profitable. For example, the proverbial ‘flat earth’ theory was an undisputed formula for centuries until it was proven false, as we all know today-the earth is a sphere. And today one would be a fool to still apply the former formula. But the formulae that really test the wits of humanity are the ones that cannot be proven to be undeniably true or found to be completely false. Say for example, the proposition that without a college education one can never be successful. This formula proves true in many cases, yet all through history up to the present day we see and hear of the accolades and success stories of supposedly ”uneducated individuals”. At the same time, the formula that one needn’t have a college education to be successful is also not a universal truth-try presenting your social-economic model to change economic inequality in developing countries to policy makers in government when you don’t have anything more than a high school certificate in your educational history.Such formulae often leave us feeling uncomfortable when exceptions to the rule seem to exist despite our best intentions.

In response to this some may argue that it depends on the situation.Each set of circumstances that every man finds himself in requires him to act in a accordance to it; essentially that in life there are no formulae. Ironically, that argument in itself is a formula: to go into each and every situation without any preconceived ideas about how the world works, but trying one’s best to simply respond to stimuli as they come. It is the formula of appearing to have no formula.

Hence,it wouldn’t be too presumptuous to assume that all men have a formula, whether fixed or not, obvious or subliminal.

What is your formula?


One thought on “Formulae

  1. Mufudzi……that is a great thought indeed! I think I have a formula but I think it’s activated subconsciously!!! Will need to think about this more….


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